Episode 36: The Kilo Show

September 21, 2017

The boyz are now at episode 36 which is technically A BRICK and they're dope so HERE WE GO... this week C. Diddy shut down the innanet with his infamous tweet about bartender's boyfriends and shit literally went left for days. Listen in for him to explain the psychology of what he meant and surmise on how everyone managed to miss the boat. Also this week, Matt and Chad follow up on the Kenneka Jenkins story, Kyrie's pointless interview on First Take and Kevin Durant being weird on twitter. And finally listen in as they chronicle their favorite 5 rap songs of all time!!!!  All in all another classic episode of The Realest Podcast Ever. 


Episode 35: The World Is Going To Shit

September 14, 2017

The TRPE Boyz are back this week with another A++ episode chronicling all the madness of the past week. This week they delve deeply into Philadelphia being named the poorest big city in the US two years in a row. The Kenneka Jenkins tragedy and the White House taking government time to address Jemele Hill. All this and a whole lot more in another classic episode of your favorite podcast #TRPE. 


Episode 34: The YDN Episode

September 6, 2017

Another week, another episode and the TRPE Boyz are back this week with a special guest D. Block Deuce of Aphillyated Films aka The YDN King. This week the trio discuss Hurricane Season, Back To School, Made In America Recap & the changes of the first day of school. Also be sure to checkout our special video only episode on YouTube with PNB Rock and all of our new merchandise on TheRealestMerchEver.com "Yall Weird" shirts, "Migos 4 President" & TRPE branded items.


Episode 33: Poor Stories & War Stories

August 31, 2017

After a 2 week sabbatical Matt & Chad are back with 2 hours of hot fire for the TRPE listeners!!! They cover the Floyd vs Conor spectacle, why Floyd is so great yet hated and all the Poor Stories & War Stories from all the Philadelphians who made the pilgrimage. They also get in depth on Hurricane Harvey, Joel Osteen acting funny wit the church and all the tens of millions of donations pouring in from celebrities worldwide!! All this along with a bunch of other info and insights from your favorite duo. Please be sure to checkout the YouTube page Sunday 9/3 for an exclusive TRPE Dope Shows review video of Jeezy & PNB Rock Live. 


Episode 32: 4 Brothers

August 18, 2017

For the latest episode of TRPE Cotton Shorts Matthew & Shiny Shorts Chadwin invite back one of your favorite guests from some of our past shows Pastor Carl Day... however, this time Pastor Carl has a special guest of his own to share the mic Brother Mitchell Chance. For those of you unfamiliar with his work, Mitchell Chance is a community activist, preacher, writer and Facebook sensation. Together these 4 brothers discuss the fallout from Charlottesville, Trump's reaction, apathy and repair in the black community, and specifically detail the work they are doing in the Philadelphia area. This is a MUCH NEEDED conversation amongst men in the black community. Listen up and learn yaself some things. Special thx to our sponsor Brandilly Marketing Creative. Check them out online at BMCPrinting.com.


Episode 31: From Camden 2 Charlottesville” with Mir Fontane

August 13, 2017

For this weeks show, the boys take a vivid look at the streets of Camden with 300 Ent signee Mir Fontane and get a historical view of everything going on with the young artist. His song "Frank Ocean" has been making a lot of waves online and at radio for a few months now and his debut album "Camden"  is impacting as well. After a dope interview with Mir, Matthew & Chadwin get into the #1 hot button issue in the news and media Saturday's "Unite The Right" rally in Charlottesville, VA. From here they touch on a bunch of current events, back 2 back YALL WEIRD'S & finish up with some questions. Special thx to this week's sponsors Brandilly MC & Nothing But Furniture.


Episode 30: Back to Work

August 6, 2017

The boys are back in town... after a 10 day hiatus Matt & Diddy return to kick the real shit. Its been a jam packed two weeks since they last recorded featuring Amber Rose calling Philly girls ugly, Bobby V peen chasing, Made In Philly, Usher getting sued and sued some more, and various other fuckery. Special thx to Brandilly MC, the official print marketing sponsor of TRPE. Visit BMCPrinting.com and use promo code TRPE to cash in on one of 3 special advertisements.


Episode 29 pt 2: Cloth Talk with Taalib

July 26, 2017

For part 2 of episode 29 the TRPE BOYZ spend over 2 hours with "The President" Taalib of Identity Ink & Live Nation for a discussion NO ONE else in Philly is equipped to have. He properly & eloquently discusses the full history of Philadelphia Nightlife from the 90s to Present day. He vividly paints a picture of what the scene was like in each era and the various players who made it what it was. We also get into some Meek talk around Wins & Losses, Jay-Z discography and a bunch more. Just an all around amazing conversation so please dont miss a second. 


Episode 29 Pt. 1: Bad N*gga Week

July 23, 2017

Truth be told, its been a terrible week to be a n*gga... From the Zorro of R&B Bob Kelly running a hostel, to Usher giving out hot shots, Mike Vick coonin' n bafoonin' & Kev Hart being accused of cheating its been the worst n*gga week in a while. Not to mention Kyrie asked to be traded to anywhere other than THE LAND. Luckily Uncle Orenthal came thru end of the week wit a win for da ZAGGIN!!!! Special shout out to SalonRAE for sponsoring this week's episode... stay tuned for part 2 later this week.


Episode 28: Another Dope Show

July 16, 2017

This week we are honored to have TRPE family the Dope Shows Crew back for the second time in as many months. Fresh of the success of their Boston Freddy vs Jason show & Philly Ross show they now are looking to conquer Baltimore!!! They have some special announcements for the show and stick around all day to talk about the current comings and goings in the media. Make sure you follow them on social media @dope_shows_ & call 267-496-8800 for exclusive section 103 tickets to Jeezy, PNB Rock & YBS Skola in Baltimore August 11th!!! ANOTHER DOPE SHOW in the books. Special thx to "Nothing But Furniture" & Will Warren for sponsoring the show.