Episode 28: Another Dope Show

July 16, 2017

This week we are honored to have TRPE family the Dope Shows Crew back for the second time in as many months. Fresh of the success of their Boston Freddy vs Jason show & Philly Ross show they now are looking to conquer Baltimore!!! They have some special announcements for the show and stick around all day to talk about the current comings and goings in the media. Make sure you follow them on social media @dope_shows_ & call 267-496-8800 for exclusive section 103 tickets to Jeezy, PNB Rock & YBS Skola in Baltimore August 11th!!! ANOTHER DOPE SHOW in the books. Special thx to "Nothing But Furniture" & Will Warren for sponsoring the show. 


Episode 27: We Found Rah

July 9, 2017

Only took 27 episodes for Matt & Chad to finally locate the infamous Ra aka DJ RToDaIzza... today the trio discuss Rob & Chyna, crazy NBA money being given out, dating in the 2010s, 4:44 and Jay-Z's discography!!! Another FIRE episode of The Realest Podcast Ever!! Cheers to 500,000 downloads. 


Episode 26: Wealth Talk with Jahmel Kendall

July 2, 2017

This week is a very special episode with friend of the show and financial expert Jahmel Kendall of World Financial Group. Today the guys go thru financial literacy, smart investments, credit repair, important of credit, credit usage, home buying and so many more financial feats that many of us are not educated in. Two hours of special cloth talk from a financial expert and two podcast guys. Another blassic episode of TRPE.

You can find Jahmel online at www.jahmelkendall.wfgopportunity.com


Episode 25: Show Cancelled

June 28, 2017

Prior to this week's show Matt & Chad decide to play a cruel trick on the TRPE audience on social media by posting "RIP TRPE" on Instagram... Listen to them read some of the HILARIOUS comments on air in the midst of covering all the fuckery from the past 10 days. This show is a nice healthy gumbo filled with NBA Coverage, BET Awards, Joe Buttons vs The Amigos, Tha Chasers vs Safaree Bolt, and the legend Lavar Ball making it to Monday Night Raw!!! No stone is left unturned.


Episode 24: Community Cleanup

June 18, 2017

Once again Matt & Chad dig deep into whats going on in the streets of Philly & beyond: good, bad, and ugly!!! They specifically talk about police & community relations, the Philando Castille verdict, and how we need to do a better job of policing ourselves & setting better examples for our children. Matt also tells an extremely personal police story and as always the social media rundown is on point!! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube & visit TheRealestMerchEver.com 


Episode 23: Wins & Losses

June 12, 2017

On this week's episode Matt & Chad talk about the ups, downs and arounds of everyday life and what it means to be an adult. Specifically how sometimes you have to remove people from your life in order to move forward and get ahead!! There's also the weekly social media rundown that includes Amber Rose bringing the bush back, XXX getting duffed out in San Diego, Bill Maher's N-Word Controversy and some dope Meek Milly Talk!! Listen in for one of the most HILARIOUS MOMENTS in TRPE History.... "BRINGING THE LABEL BACK!!!" Another blassic in the books.


Episode 22: Dubai 2 TRPE

June 5, 2017

This week the guys jump head first into The "Dubai 2 Philly" prom controversy that took the innanets by storm this weekend. Was it lit, ridiculous, dope or irresponsible?? Listen in to see what the guys think. In other news the NBA Finals is almost over and there's a dating chasm between men and women that possibly only Ja Rule has the answers to... WHERE IS JA? We need his help because the "dont check for me unless you got a check for me" era is in full swing. This is DEFINITELY an episode you dont wanna miss!!! 


Episode 21: “Do You Want A Man or A Dad?” With Ry-Ann & Nikki Woods

May 31, 2017

This week's show gets a shot of pheromones courtesy of our lovely female guests Ry-Ann (@iamrya) of "Ry's World Podcast" & Nikki Woods (@l.woods_). This week the guys & gals get in depth with trying to figure out the dating disparity between men & women and what exactly are women looking for... A MAN OR A DAD?? In addition they also discuss wack ass Memorial Day in Philly, NBA Finals & Ti and Tiny breaking up for good!! Getcha popcorn & Pesketarian cookout leftovers ready for 21, 21, 21. 


Episode 20: Where Have All The Real Men Gone?

May 21, 2017

Chivalry been dead and its annoying the boyz from TRPE. Matt and Chad attack the lack of empathy men have been exhibiting for women, children, and themselves!! Has getting over become the manly agenda as opposed to getting forward and getting ahead??? The guys discuss this in detail along with all your favorite social media topics from the week. 


Side note: Stop making people punch yall in the face.


Episode 19: “The Movie Guy”

May 14, 2017

This week Matt & Chad chop it up with Writer/Director/Producer Curtis Bryant who currently has the number 1 movie on NETFLIX & BET "Deuces" starring A-Lister's Larenz Tate, Lance Gross & Meagan Good. He talks about his role in the film and his history in the film industry... he also sticks around for our weekly show rundown featuring topics on Donald Trump, Jigga's new $200M deal, Khaled going number 1 with "I'm The One" and LA Reid exiting stage left on Epic Records. We also answer some #AskChad questions in TRPE fashion and give some game on the media industry & podcast production!!! Another stellar show sponsored by CWBA, GCKollection.com & TheRealestMerchEver.com. Follow Curtis Bryant on Twitter & Instagram at @_curtisbryant