Episode 14: The Fake Outrage Era

April 9, 2017

EVERYBODY'S MAD.... OR ARE THEY?? On this week's show the guys discuss all the topics who've got the internet (fake) MAD AS SHIT!!! From Trump trying to ignite a war to Ti dressing like a dominatrix to French Montana calling a girl nappy headed to Lavar Ball dissing white hoopers and everything in between. This is one you dont wanna miss. 


Episode 13: The Real World

April 2, 2017

On Today's episode of #TRPE Scooter's World meets The Realest Podcast Ever.....friend of the show @ScooterComedy chills with the guys to discuss NBA action, MVP & Finals predictions, The Raiders moving to Vegas, rap beef, and the Kendrick Lamar "Be Humble: controversy that had the innanet goin nuts!! Another dope episode in the books. Hold on for the turns because you know the show always GOES LEFT!!


Episode 12: The Realest Roundtable

March 27, 2017

With Chad on vacation in Houston Matt gathers some friends for this week's episode of #TRPE. For the second time we have Pastor Carl Day and first timer Luvv aka Fat Cuz (and Chad joins on the phone) for their perspectives on everything from the past week. This includes fake news, Colin Kaepernick, Lavar Ball, Drake breaking records, Kendrick's new "diss" record, sitting players in the NBA and ou…


Episode 11: Yall Weird

March 20, 2017

Lotta spooky things been taking place in the bulture over the past week and the only way to describe it is YALL WEIRD!! From Lavar Ball saying he would crush Jordan to charging $100 for a hat to Meek Milly rumbling airport workers in St. Louis it all left us scratching our heads in disbelief!! On a positive note, Drake and Ross both dropped amazing projects this weekend!Take a chill pill and list…


Episode 10: More Life

March 14, 2017

Growth, development, and community involvement are the topic on this weeks installment of TRPE with special guest Pastor Carl Day. The guys have their regular current events rundown coupled with some real talk about whats plaguing the black community and ways to improve. A much needed breath of fresh air from team TRPE.


Episode 9: Issa Mess

March 10, 2017

In the words of Birdman "Shit be goin left sometimes ya know." Unfortunately we had two major audio issues with this week's show but the content is so good WE HAD TO LET IT FLY!! This isnt the crisp amazing sound you are used to hearing from TRPE but Matt & Chad are still Matt & Chad and once you get used to the army helicopters flying above us you'll be ok!! Thanks for the love & continued suppo…


Episode 8: Hip hop ain’t dead…but maybe it is

March 1, 2017

Its the reeeeeal hip hop, hip hop!! The past week has seen hip-hop culture revert to its roots of 1996. Rap beefs, shoot outs, beat battles...OH MY!!! Did Nicki get bodied? 100 shots of Young Dolphin, Swizzie vs. Just Blaze for the bulture. Drake still trickong on men's gifts and everything in between. ITS A STATE OF EMERGENCY everybody get down!!!


Episode 7: Top 5, Top 5

February 27, 2017

On this week's episode it is the great debate with Chadwin and Matthew as they cover their personal top 5 lists of any and everything. Top 5 women? Check. Top 5 IG Thotties? Check. Top 5 sneakers? Double check. Top 5 ways to break into your ex's apartment? I knew they forgot something..... But everything else is HERE!!! Top 5 everything...enjoy!


Episode 6: Styrofoam Cup Boyz

February 21, 2017

This week, Matt and Chad find themselves short on water and snacks, but full of time with Philadelphia's own Comedian Spank. With him they discuss his upcoming role in Irv Gotti's BET show "Tales", his Comedy Central special dropping this summer, touring, and all things Kevin Hart. Spank also sticks around to discuss some current events and answers fan questions with the gang! Another dope episod…


Episode 5 PART 2: Social Media: The Good, The Bad, and the Flat out horrible

February 14, 2017

Part 2: Matt and Chad are back at it and this time they brought some horrible friends along. Street ball legend Aaron Owens and cultural curator Nerd Nash (NerdAtTheCoolTable.com) help the guys discuss social media issues, current events, and tell crazy twitter, myspace, and IG stories... Add in liquor the jokes and ridiculousness doesn't stop!